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So, you want to become an expat?
Your first question is "How to become an expatriate?" What are some ways that people can become an expatriate? There are four ways you can move to a different country. You can become an expat as a student, or with the government, as a private employee or just pack your bags and leave. Quickly and easily, let's cover some ways to become an expat.
As a student I would argue this is the easiest and least risky to moving overseas. Nearly every four-year university already has an exchange program in place, partnering with at least 1 or 2 universities abroad. Regardless of your degree, you can spend a semester or year living abroad.
Look up Study Abroad or International Programs on your school's website or ask Admissions for more information. Additional financial aid and/or scholarship money may also be available, so don't forget to ask.
In the government: If you're in the US military today, then you know about TDY (that's "Temporary Duty" for non-military types). And you probably already know that spending time living overseas on duty will distinguish you from others and can look positively on your next rank review (read: paygrade increase!).
A more exclusive avenue to living abroad is via the Diplomatic Corps or as a foreign service officer. Successfully passing the written and oral tests may be challenging, but if you really want to be a diplomat, the tests are minor stepping stones to a much greater adventure.
As a full-time employee: Know this: any time working internationally in your field is generally a HUGE plus on your resume or CV, -at any level in your career. Look around your 6′ x 8′ cubicle office. Do you find the days, weeks, or even months wash away quickly without any value-add to your career?
If so, consider Becoming an Expat. In 20 years, you may find yourself with a big regret. No one deserves that, least of all you.
Jump Out and Pack Your Chute When You Land The last of four ways to become an expatriate is the "Shoot first, ask questions later" method. It is the most risky and some would say it's the most fun. You certainly create the most adventure that way. Not recommended for the faint-hearted. But I will add this --- surprisingly, very often, luck lands in your lap and things just seem fall into place.
Which way do I recommend? Much of it depends on how comfortable are you with not knowing what tomorrow brings. It depends on how financially stable you are (are you broke now or only after you pay off tens of thousands in debt?). For most people, getting a job first, then moving is safe and financially safe (even lucrative). For other folks, even that's too boring.
Speaking personally, I have gone down all four roads. I've become an expat as a student, in the government, by global corporation and by just "going for it." Never once have I regretted moving overseas. It's an experience of a lifetime, each time and every time at Click

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