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The UK has always had a pretty open policy when it comes to Immigration Services, opening our borders to a number of countries and in turn the UK has reaped many benefits.

Immigration Services  in any form is known to boost the economy, this is not just true for the UK, but for nations all over the world. After all, the majority of immigrants in the UK go to work and pay their taxes. Furthermore, they contribute to the UK economy as consumers, pay for housing, goods and services, just like people who have UK Citizenship. For instance, a 2007 report conducted by Pricewaterhouse Coopers, asserted that a rise in UK Immigration has helped to raise Britain's growth rate pattern above a previous long-term trend.

The need for immigrants to come to the UK is apparent, particularly for the economy, industries, services and pensions. The number of immigrants receiving a UK Visa has greatly increased in order to bring in skilled workers from overseas, to reduce our ageing population and to boost our economy. These have been the most decisive factors.
Predominantly, most immigrants come to the UK, under the Tier 2 Visa, to work and Britain is known to benefit from a number of highly-skilled workers that take up hard to fill vacancies and add real value to the UK industry sector.
We also need immigrants to reduce our ageing population demographic and to generate a younger workforce, as some industries do rely on immigrant workforces and will continue to do so in the future. The NHS is a prime example of such a scenario, whereby highly-skilled doctors and nurses are able to come and take up shortage occupations.
Immigrant workers also arrive and contribute to a number of UK pension schemes, which have been failing in recent years. So whilst UK Immigration often receives a lot of bad press for rising Immigration figures, the very fact is that it is difficult to establish how the UK can survive without their much needed contribution.

Why does the UK need independent Immigration service providers?

One of the key factors for the increased use of such services is the demand for them. It is currently estimated that immigrants arriving into Britain currently stands at around 500,000 a year, that's the equivalent of one person per minute. In short, the UK Border Agency (UKBA) is unable to process the number of applications at the rate which immigrants are arriving.
Despite Governmental efforts to decrease UK Immigration numbers, the current number of applications per year remains steady. In part, this is down to the help provided by independent services, which provide help to their clients when applying for a UK Visa.
The industry sector is certainly growing and immigrants to the UK are experiencing the benefits of utilising the expertise of these companies as they are able to bypass direct application to the UKBA. This means many people applying for a UK Visa are not left struggling to fill out paperwork or having to endure lengthy waiting times and increased costs. Site

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