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I am a 30 year old British man who emigrated to the USA last Summer. Although relocating can be difficult, it would seem that the UK and the USA are as similar culturally as you can get right?
Well, in some aspects yes. The language is the same, the level of technological development is the same and the people look and dress pretty much the same.
There are however, some major differences that could leave a newcomer feeling lost. So, in an attempt to help others, here are my 5 key tips for newcomers to the USA.
1. Get on the 'credit ladder'
In America, credit is everything. When you first move you will not be able to get any credit cards or loans. You must first build your credit score from scratch.
The first thing to do is get a checking account and apply for a 'secured credit card'. This is a credit card which requires you to leave a deposit equal to the credit limit you desire. Then you must use it. You cannot build credit unless you use credit.
You should use approximately 40% of your credit limit every month, making sure your payments are on time. 6 months of this and you can get a store card. Another 6 months of careful store card spending and you can finally get a real credit card.
2. Learn to drive
The roads laws are generally the same as in the UK, but with one key difference. You will be driving on the opposite side! You should try to get used to this as soon as you can. If you know someone who is willing to help you, you should practice with them before seeking professional tuition. One thing in your favor is that the actual driving tests are much easier than in the UK!
3. Socialize
The most difficult thing can be having a social life in your new surroundings. Try joining a club, taking up a sport or joining the gym. Your first year in a new place can be pretty depressing and its best to be in a social environment when possible to give yourself the chance to make new friends.
4. Learn to spell the American way
You may have noticed I spelled socialize with a 'z' and favor without the 'u'. Little things like this will have to be learnt at some point if you want to integrate. You may as well learn this sooner rather than later.
5. Recognize which words are different here
It's easy to speak to people just like you would in the old country but this can lead to blank looks and disastrous fish n' chips orders! It's happened many a time where I have spoken to someone, seen the look on their face and mentally reviewed what I just said. I will then rephrase the sentence slightly and get an entirely different response.
Example - You:"Excuse me, are you in the queue?" Response:"Erm... the Q??"
Correction - You: "Excuse me, are you in the line?" Response:"No I'm just waiting on the side, you go right ahead"
There's probably so many more things that I've forgotten now, but these 5 easy steps will help you integrate a little quicker into the American way of life. Site https://chepyng.com/

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