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Whatever type of passport-related transaction you'll do - applying for the first time, passport renewal, applying for a passport card - it pays to know what you need to do even before you visit the passport office. Doing this is surely a time saver. Imagine how much time you'll save if you know what you need to do next.
In this article, we'll be dealing with Get EU Citizenship  a new passport. So if you want a quick and easy guide to understand this subject, then you have come to the right place. Read on and learn more about it.
First, let's deal with those applying for passports for the first time. If you've never had a passport before, then you will be required to fill in the DS-11 form. Your requirements don't stop here, of course. You will also have to submit other pieces of information for your passport application.
For one, you need to establish your US citizenship. When establishing your citizenship, you have to present US-issued documents such as the following: your birth certificate, certificate of citizenship, and certificate of naturalization. Or, if you were born abroad, the consular report on your birth would suffice. Present any of these documents along with the DS-11. Your document will then be returned to you along with your US passport. Other times, your document may be mailed separately.
Get EU Citizenship

When submitting your passport application in person, you will be required to present your ID at the passport office. Also have that ID photocopied and submit it with the other requirements. Then you also need two color passport photos attached to your documents. Once you have fulfilled all the requirements, you have to pay the applicable fees.
Now let's deal with renewing your US passport. You need to have your passport renewed once it expires. You can then request for passport renewal by mail if you fill in Form DS-82. However, if you are based abroad, you will have to visit the nearest US embassy or consulate to have your passport renewed. Simply submit it to them and they will help you with what you need.
In sum, there are just two types of passport forms you need to be familiar with when you apply for a new passport. First is the DS-11, which you'll use when you are applying for a passport for the first time. On the other hand, the DS-82 is meant for passport-related transactions you can conduct by mail. The same rule applies when you are applying for a passport card. More Information

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